Top 5 Turboprops With Strong Resale Values


There are a lot of options when it comes to jet aircraft, but which ones will hold their value the most during turbulent times? We have compiled a list of the top 5 turboprop aircraft that you can count on to retain their resale value. The following list is based on aircraft manufactured in 2008, and of course, each serial number paints its own story based on equipage, wear and use. The images contain the percentage of value retained from the original manufacturer list price.


5. Beechcraft King Air C90GT

Coming in 5th is the King Air C90GT. The C90 was the most popular out of the various Model 90’s that started their journey in 1959. Today 10.4% of fleet are on the market, making it a buyer’s market.


Range: 903nm

Max Cruise: 270kts









4. Piper Meridian

Taking the 4th slot is the Piper Meridian. In respect to its size and acquisition cost, the turboprop variation of the PA-46 is in a class of its own. Despite being 4th on the list, with over 14.8% of the aircraft in operation on the market along and new product announcements, classic Meridian trading prices have slid considerably. However, this presents an opportunity for budget minded piston owners looking to move into a more reliable platform with increased capabilities.


Range: 489nm

Max Cruise: 265kts









3. Beechcraft King Air 350

In 3rd place is the King Air 350. The King Air 350 is a favorite of many flight departments due to its speed and cabin comfort.  Today, there are only 5.4% of the total operating fleet for sale, making it a strong seller’s market. The average asking price for a preowned model is roughly $2.8M in today’s market.


Range: 1,440nm

Max Cruise: 320kts









2. DAHER TBM-850

In the 2nd position is the TBM-850, a more powerful and faster version of its predecessor, the TBM 700. The airplane has a flat-rated 850shp engine that allows the aircraft to maintain more power at altitude and hot conditions. Although the aircraft has historically maintained strong resale values, the market recently have experienced an influx of TBM-850’s entering the market, which may drive prices downward.


Range: 967nm

Max Cruise: 320kts









1. Pilatus PC-12

There are few civilian aircraft that come close to the versatility of the PC-12. The aircraft’s long range, ability to operate out of unimproved runway environments with ease and operating cost have made the aircraft a staple for variety of operators from military to charter. The PC-12’s abilities coupled with its price point have created strong demand that continues to booster the PC-12’s resale value.


Range: 1,340nm

Max Cruise: 280kts








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Photos by Cory W. Watts, Mark Harkin, Renato Spilimbergo Carvalho




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